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August 8, 2018

Adobe Audience Manager Integrates Tapad Identity Graph

Adobe Audience Manager Integrates Tapad Identity Graph


Tapad has integrated its identity graph with Adobe Audience Manager, expanding the reach of Audience Manager by adding new device connections. Originally a cross-device matching vendor, Tapad has recently added full data ingestion capabilities which qualify it as a CDP.

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LiveRamp Data Store Adds Versium B2B Audience Segments

Business Wire

More identity-based targeting: LiveRamp has added Versium’s business data and predictive models to its IdentityLink Data Store. Versium will support a new B2B Data Management Platform that lets marketers target online advertising based on their own offline data. Versium collects business and consumer data and applies predictive analytics to create custom audiences.

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Triton Digital and Tru Optik Team Up to Target Audio Advertising

Triton Digital

Tru Optik also does device-based targeting, although not to identified individuals. It has just partnered with Triton Digital, which supports online audio publishing and advertising, to help target ads to streaming radio and podcast audiences. Podcasts are hot – including this one featuring CDP Institute’s own David Raab among others.

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