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August 15, 2018

AI to Guide Shoppers, Phone Agents, Store Managers

Skupos Raises $6.4 Million Series A to Guide Convenience Store Managers


Let’s try some corporate news today. We’ll start with a $6.4 million Series A funding for Skupos, which gives convenience store operators a real-time inventory tracking system that supports automated purchasing and operational reporting. Interestingly, they position themselves as an analytics vendor not an inventory specialist.

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Blippar Uses Computer Vision to Guide Shoppers


Sticking with retail, computer vision and augmented reality expert Blippar has launched a product that maps a user’s precise in-store location using computer vision, rather than beacons or similar technologies. The system can then use augmented reality to help people find things (imagine a bunch of arrows floating mid-air) or display information (such as a menu in front of a restaurant). It’s presumably cheaper than beacons, which many retailers have balked at buying.

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Observe.AI Raises $8 Million to Guide Phone Agents

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Observe.AI is also using AI to guide people, although in their case it’s helping phone agents. The system listens to phone calls as they happen, interprets context and user emotions, and gives agents suggestions for what to do next. They just raised an $8 million Series A.

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