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August 16, 2018

T-Mobile Promises Humans Will Answer the Phone

T-Mobile Promises Actual Humans Will Answer All Service Calls


It’s come to this: people are hate automated customer service systems so much that T-Mobile is launching a major campaign around a promise that you’ll always be connected immediately with a person. Even more revolutionary, that person will be able to solve your problem without transferring you to someone else. Hurray for them; shame on the rest of the world for making this newsworthy.

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Confusing Airline Loyalty Programs Have Less Satisfied Members: J.D. Power Study

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Speaking of horrible customer service: airlines. Our Department of the Obvious intern Jamie offers this JD Power study showing that customers are unhappy when airline loyalty programs are confusing. In another sign how pitifully grateful consumers are for crumbs of humane treatment, satisfaction increases when airline staff recognizes a customer by name or remembers their preferences.

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Voice Commerce Threatens Brand Loyalty: Digitas Report

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Jamie also shares this Digitas report that smart speakers threaten brand loyalty because people tend to buy the first item offered – as often as 85% of the time, in fact. True to stereotype, Millennials are twice as likely as older folks to buy the first item offered even if it’s not the brand they requested. One ray of hope: more smart speakers are coming with screens attached and 78% of buyers said they’d use them to find more purchase options.

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