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August 17, 2018

RevJet Raises $21 Million Series A for Automated Ad Optimization

RevJet Raises $21 Million Series A for Automated Ad Optimization

PR Newswire

RevJet, which automatically assembles, tests, and optimizes ad creative variations, announced a $21 million Series A, bringing total funding to $30 million. RevJet streamlines creation, approvals, and trafficking across display, programmatic, social, mobile, native, and video, removing bottlenecks that otherwise prevent end-to-end automation. Its modules are offered as apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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Viant and IRI Report Retail Impact of Display Ads by Audience Segment


Audience data vendor Viant has extended its existing partnership with retail sales data aggregator IRI to help consumer packaged goods advertisers optimize their online advertising programs. The new offering, Sales Tactic Optimization, uses Viant individual-level data to show performance by audience segment. The reports come weekly, a pace that’s glacial by digital standards but fast for in-store purchase data.

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InsideSales.com Identifies High-Potential, Under-Served Accounts

Business Wire

InsideSales has extended its AI-based sales management superpowers to find accounts with high purchase propensity that have not been contacted by sales reps. InsideSales combines a company’s own CRM data with insights based on data aggregated across all its clients.

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