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August 20, 2018

Corporate IT Manages Half of CDP Installations

Corporate IT Helps to Manage Half of CDP Systems: The Relevancy Group

The Relevancy Group

Corporate IT departments manage 49% of Customer Data Platforms, according to a survey by The Relevancy Group.  Responsibility is often shared: 69% of respondents said marketing IT is involved, 54% said marketing operations is involved and 31% said online marketing operations is involved.  Much other interesting data in the survey, which is part of Relevancy’s CDP Buyer’s Guide. List price is $2,495 but you can get a free copy from RedPoint Global or Tealium. The report profiles a half-dozen CDP vendors; many others balked at paying Relevancy’s fee for inclusion.

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MarTech Today Publishes CDP Industry Guide

MarTech Today

This newsletter doesn’t usually cover analyst reports but since we’ve broached the subject, let’s note that MarTech Today has also recently issued its (free) Enterprise Customer Data Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide. It doesn’t include a survey, alas, but does have a good overview of the subject and profiles of 19 vendors who did not pay for the privilege. CDP Institute acted as editorial advisor but MarTech Today did all its own research and writing.

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MarTech Advisor Explains CDP One Question at a Time

MarTech Advisor

Having skidded this far down the slope, let’s finish with a link to MarTech Advisor’s CDP Explainer series, which has now reached the seventh of 12 planned installments. CDP Institute is advising on this one, too…hey, it’s what we do.

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