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August 21, 2018

Drawbridge Raises $15 Million and Expands LiveRamp Relationship

Drawbridge Raises $15 Million and Expands LiveRamp Relationship


Identity resolution vendor Drawbridge has raised $15 million in new funding, bringing its total to almost $70 million. The company also announced a new partnership with LiveRamp, which will use Drawbridge’s probabilistic identity graph to supplement LiveRamp’s deterministic graph.

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HubSpot Announces Enterprise Enhancements and New SMB Bundles


CRM vendor HubSpot has preannounced several changes ahead of its INBOUND conference on September 5. It will add more enterprise capabilities to its marketing, sales and service modules; rebundle features and pricing for its small and mid-size business packages; and offer a standalone version of its Web Content Management System. HubSpot started as a small business specialist but has been steadily creeping into enterprise clients.

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Microsoft Expands LinkedIn Data Integration with Competitors’ Software


Microsoft LinkedIn has expanded its Sales Navigator sales automation tool to include more sophisticated deal management and added closer integration of LinkedIn data with CRM systems from Microsoft, Adobe, Salesforce, and SalesLoft. Microsoft clearly recognizes that that LinkedIn’s value is its data, not the software.

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