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August 22, 2018

BlueConic Integrates Decibel’s Digital Experience Score

BlueConic Integrates Decibel’s Digital Experience Score


CDP BlueConic has integrated Decibel’s proprietary Digital Experience Score, enabling marketers to build campaign segments and identify experience issues. Decibel tracks Web visitor behaviors down to the level of mouse movements and then applies AI to infer user attitudes such as frustration. They describe the result as a “digital version of Net Promoter Score” but frankly it’s a lot cooler.

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Google Sued Over Shared Location History


You haven’t shown much interest in privacy-related news, Dear Reader, so I don’t publish much of it. But it seems worth mentioning that that Google is being sued after an Associated Press story last week revealed that turning off “Location History” doesn’t stop some Android apps from tracking your location history. If you want more on privacy and BigTech misbehaviors, see this post on the Customer Experience Matrix blog.

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Shameless Self-Promotion: CDP Institute Workshop in October

CDP Institute

This definitely doesn’t qualify as news but we’re told that David Raab’s half-day Customer Data Platform workshop at the MarTech Conference in Boston in October is likely to sell out. So register soon if you’re interested. Use coupon code CDPorg for a 10% discount. Rates go up September 1.

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