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August 23, 2018

Fewer Third Party Cookies After GDPR

Melissa Launches Next-Generation Client-Server Data Quality Platform


Data quality vendor Melissa has launched Unison, an integrated platform that lets users set up process flows combining standardization, validation, and enrichment. The new system is an on-premises, client-server product, if you remember what those mean.

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MeetEdgar Automatically Writes Social Media Posts

PR Newswire

Returning to the present: small business social media vendor MeetEdgar can now automatically write and publish posts by reading content from a user-specified Web page. It will automatically vary the wording in each item. No more pesky thinking, thank goodness.

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22% Fewer Third Party Cookies on European News Sites Since GDPR: Reuters Institute

Reuters Institute

Continuing our series on Privacy News You Won’t Read: Reuters Institute found 22% fewer third party cookies on European news sites since GDPR went into effect. Mention that the next time somebody says GDPR hasn’t had an impact or drop it into any random conversation.

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