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August 28, 2018

Salesforce Raises $317.2 Million Equity Funding

Salesforce Raises $317.2 Million Equity Funding


Salesforce has quietly raised $317.2 million in new equity funding, according to SEC documents. The company made no public announcement. Presumably it is refilling cash reserves depleted by the $6.5 billion Mulesoft acquisition in March and the $800 million Datorama acquisition in July.

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PebblePost Adds $25 Million Series C for Direct Mail Triggered by Web Site Behaviors


In what would literally be a rounding error for Salesforce, PebblePost has raised a $25 million Series C. PebblePost continuously monitors visitor behaviors on client Web sites, uses its own data to link visitor devices to postal addresses, and sends behavior-based direct mail within a day or so. That’s pretty impressive, actually.

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T-Mobile Breach Exposes Data on 2.3 Million Customers

Data Breach Today

Less impressive is news that a data breach at T-Mobile has exposed personal data on 2.3 million customers, including names, Zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses, and account numbers. You’ll recall that T-Mobile generated positive news recently by promising that customer services calls would be answered by real people. Sic transit gloria mundi, amirite?

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