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August 31, 2018

Cool, Creepy, or A Bit of Both?

Phrasee Raises $4 Million Series A for Machine-Written Ad Copy


The U.S. is about to start Labor Day weekend, which is a good or bad time to discuss workers being replaced by machines. We’re talking about human copywriters, which UK-based Phrasee says it can beat 98% of the time with an AI system that ingests the performance of a year’s worth of brand copy, figures out what works, and writes email subject lines, Facebook and Instagram ads, and push messages. They just raised $4 million which they’ll use to add staff and expand in the U.S. market.

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SheerID Adds New Segments for Online Identity Verification


Marketing departments may need fewer employees but they still want human customers. SheerID helps to ensure they’re reaching the right people by verifying eligibility for gated offers. They do this by asking personal questions on offer forms and checking the answers against “hundreds of authoritative data sources”. Most popular segments are military, college students and teachers; they’ve just added seniors, businesses, employees, and students in more than 100 countries. Creepy, cool, or a bit of both?

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Grabb-It Shows Video Ads on Car Windows. No, Really.


Let’s finish one more idea that’s either great or terrible: location-based video ads on automobile windows. This from Grabb-It, whose demonstration video shows people fascinated when they see a window ad for (apparently) the first time. How quickly will it become annoying?

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