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September 4, 2018

CMOs Shift Focus from Third Party to Owned Customer Data

Amazon Testing Ad Attribution Pixel


Amazon is testing an attribution pixel to measure the results of ads outside of Amazon. It’s seen as a way to compete against Google, which already provides such pixels and many suspect of biasing results in its favor. It will also give Amazon lots more data about where clients spend their money and what’s working.

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Intertrust Provides Shared Gateway for Internet of Things Devices


Amazon, Google, and Facebook fighting over Web advertising seems so quaint when you consider the inevitable shift of commerce to the Internet of Things. Deck chairs on Titanic, generals fighting the last war, that sort of thing. Intertrust, on the other hand, provides a gateway that lets IoT device owners/users/slaves manage multiple devices and device operators access data without breaking privacy rules. Intertrust just inked a deal to work with devices from German energy company Innogy.

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CMOs Shift Focus from Third Party to Owned Customer Data: Duke Fuqua CMO Survey

Duke Fuqua

CMOs are also looking to a future where they get more data directly from their customers, according to the Duke Fuqua CMO Survey. Seventy percent expected to use more online customer data in the next two years compared with just 30% expecting to use more third party data. If you’re never seen this report, take a peek: it’s a 73-page trove of data on many topics. And if you want more on the future of third party data, check out this post on Customer Experience Matrix.

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