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September 5, 2018

Big Tech Now Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Wireless Carriers Slowing YouTube and Netflix Delivery: Bloomberg Report


“BadTech” is shorthand for the idea that people now presume big tech companies are evil.  This leads media to look for bad behavior and interpret what they find as negatively as possible. Case in point: a university study that found major wireless carriers are slowing internet traffic for video apps like YouTube and Netflix. The carriers claim they’re doing it to reduce bottlenecks but the BadTech assumption is it's part of a secret plan to make video apps to pay extra for high speed delivery. That’s probably on their agenda but it’s not clear this is related behavior.

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Google and Mastercard Have “Secret Ad Deal” to Track Retail Sales: Bloomberg Report


More BadTech: Bloomberg (again) has uncovered a “secret” deal for Mastercard to sell retail transaction data to Google so they can connect online ads to in-store purchases. Somehow the fact that it wasn’t announced is treated as extraordinarily sinister. The data seems to be properly anonymized so it’s not clear why this is any more problematic than scads of other online-to-offline tracking projects.

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Facebook Is Evil: New York Times

The New York Times

Again: Tuesday's New York Times carried two stories that Facebook is used by bad people, in Libya and the U.S. What's new isn't the information but the implication that Facebook should change or be regulated.  That's BadTech.

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