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September 7, 2018

AI News from Salesforce, Nosto, Custora

Salesforce Announces AI-Driven Lead Scoring and Engagement Analytics for Pardot


Salesforce has announced plans to add AI-based behavior scoring and AI-based insights into content and subject line engagement to its Pardot marketing automation system, which exists within its Sales cloud. Release is targeted for next February. Not too exciting but illustrates the steady expansion of AI in marketing products.

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Nosto Adds Segment-Based Dynamic Personalization for Ecommerce Sites


Ecommerce personalization platform Nosto has also added some features, including AI-powered segmentation, dynamic Web page personalization based on customer type, and access to more behavioral data. It’s all updated in real time, so everything adjusts to customer behaviors as they happen.

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Custora Raises $13.75 Million Series B for Automated Predictive Modeling


And for the AI news hat trick: predictive modeling vendor Custora announced a $13.75 million Series B funding, bringing its total to $20 million. Custora builds unified customer profiles and uses the data for analytics, predictive models, and segmentation. Its clients are retailers.

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