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September 13, 2018

Radius Launches B2B Customer Data Platform

Radius Launches B2B Customer Data Platform


B2B data and analytics vendor Radius has launched Unify, a Customer Data Platform that combines Radius’ proprietary business and contact data with clients’ own data. Users can access the data through Radius’ own audience discovery and segmentation system, Radius Discover, or with third party applications via a Radius API.

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Half of B2B Marketers Don't Trust Their Data: Dun & Bradstreet Report

Dun & Bradstreet

Speaking of B2B data, a Dun & Bradstreet survey found that marketers’ confidence in their data had fallen, from 75% last year to 51% this year, even as the proportion who consider data quality important rose from 80% to 89%. Just 38% are currently using Account Based Marketing and 41% have no intention of adopting it. The report speculates the poor data is a roadblock to wider ABM adoption.

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Non-Targeted Mobile Ad Rates Rose Sharply After GDPR: Smaato Study


Meanwhile, mobile ad platform Smaato reports that GDPR resulted in a sharp spike in costs for non-targeted mobile ad impressions, as advertisers shied away from targeting data they were not certain was collected with proper consent. Rates rose more in the U.S. (62%) than Europe (42%), perhaps because U.S. advertisers avoided the European market altogether. Spending on data known (or at least claimed) to have proper consent rose 6.5X in the month after GDPR went into effect, from a very low base. Private marketplaces, where consent is less of an issue, grew by 2.7x in Europe. Smaato expects the prices to fall as more complaint data becomes available.

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