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September 14, 2018

Openprise Adds Data Orchestration for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Openprise Adds Data Orchestration for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Let’s try product news today. CRM data orchestration platform Openprise has added integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Capabilities include list loading data cleansing, segmentation, enrichment, lead scoring, and more. It’s sort of like the functions in a Customer Data Platform, except that you’re jamming the results into a CRM database. Which isn’t like a CDP at all.

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Optimizely Uses AI to Define Intent-Based Audience Segments and Serve Them Relevant Content


Optimizely announced Adaptive Audiences, which uses AI to define segments of visitors with similar intent and select contents suited to each segment. This is working with segments, not finding the best content for each individual. But it’s a step towards true individual-level personalization. The product is just entering beta tests.

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Advocado Synchs Keyword Bids with TV Ads


Advocado has launched MicroMoment+, which automatically raises Google ad keyword bids for a few minutes after a TV ad is broadcast. Sounds crazy but a pilot study found a 98% increase in click-through. The system can also tie phone calls back to specific ads and includes prebuilt integration with Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing ads, Microsoft Dynamics365, Zoho and Google Analytics. Advocado recently merged with Traaqr, which provides small businesses with online-to-phone conversion tracking.

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