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September 17, 2018

New Tech to Personalize Reality

HYP3R Raises $17 Million for Location-Based Travel and Retail Marketing


Location-based marketing platform HYP3R has raised a $17 million Series A funding, bringing its total to $23.5 million. HYP3R identifies customers when they enter a geo-fenced location such as a mall or hotel and sends them personalized, real-time messages. It can also track visits to competitive locations and monitor social media comments about a location. HYP3R specializes in travel and retail clients.

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YouSpace Interactive Display Watches the Watchers

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YouSpace’s Total Experience Kit watches what happens in front of a digital display and reacts. It can monitor people near a display, recognize human body shapes and actions including touch-free instructions, and display different contents based on the situation. Users set the rules, or so they like to think. The system will be released by the end of this year.

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Ryff Launches Dynamic, Real-Time Image Replacement within Videos


Ryff offers even greater control over user experience, enabling video producers to dynamically vary objects as a video is streamed to a smart TV or other device. Different people can see different objects at the same time, based on rules set up by the video producers. So much for shared reality.

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