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September 19, 2018

CDP Industry to Reach $3.3 Billion by 2023

CDP Industry to Reach $3.3 Billion by 2023: MarketsandMarkets


The Customer Data Platform market will reach $3.3 billion by 2023, according to a study from MarketsandMarkets. The report projects a 29.3% annual growth rate from a base of $640 million in 2017. Figures include products and services from enterprise software vendors as well as CDP specialists. CDP Institute has somewhat lower estimates but for specialist vendors only.  Price is $5,650.

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Adobe Announces AI-Driven Enhancements to Target and Experience Manager


Speaking of enterprise software vendors, Adobe announced new AI-based features for its Target and Experience Manager products. Items include testing of voice-based content, selecting highest likelihood actions, automated Web page design personalization, different recommendation algorithms for different segments, improved reporting on algorithm performance, and personalized AR shopping, Some are available now, some are still under development.

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RedPoint Global Adds Prepackaged Solution for Retail Banking

RedPoint Global

CDP vendor RedPoint Global has released a packaged solution for retail banking, its latest industry-specific solution. Components include single customer view, retail banking data model and templates, turnkey connectors for marketing channels, preconfigured reports, and real time decision tools. It runs on the Microsoft Azure platform.

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