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September 20, 2018

Machines Beat Humans in Ad Campaign Optimization Test

Machines Beat Humans in Ad Campaign Optimization Test: IPG Study

Interpublic Group

Admit it: every now and then you wonder whether all this tech stuff really works. Today we’ll reassure you. Let’s start with a test run by media company Interpublic Group (IPG to its friends) and adtech vendor true[X], which had humans and machines optimize the same ad campaigns and compared results. The machines won hands-down (if machines have hands), improving purchase consideration by 5.7% on 3.08 ad exposures per consumer, compared with 0.8% lift on 4.13 exposures per consumer for humans. The machines generated better results for brand familiarity, brand interest, and purchase intent as well.

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AI-Driven Email Personalization Yields 41% More Revenue: Return Path and The Relevancy Group

Return Path

Email also benefits from AI, according a study by industry analysts The Relevancy Group that was funded by email deliverability experts Return Path. Specifically, a survey of marketing executives found that companies using AI-driven email personalization reported 1.13% higher deliverability, 7.64% higher open rates, 13.44% higher click-through, and 41.29% more revenue. Sounds good to me.

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Retail Tech Leaders Outperform Laggards: NSU Technologies and Software AG

Software AG

An even broader study that NSU Technologies ran for Software AG found that retailers who lead in adopting digital technologies had a six percent annual growth rate over three years, while laggards’ revenue was flat. Early adopters also had nearly twice the price-earnings ratio as the others: 22.32 vs 12.22. The survey provides lots of details about strategy, governance, deployments, business impact and technology. Good stuff but beware that the answers reflect an IT department viewpoint. Dead giveaway: 0% reported that business perceives IT as slow and inflexible.

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