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September 26, 2018

Salesforce Customer 360 Gives Unified View of B2C Data

Salesforce Customer 360 Gives Unified View of B2C Data


Salesforce announced Customer 360, which provides a unified view of customer data in its B2C Marketing, Commerce, and Service Clouds. Data will be accessed via API connections without exporting it into a separate CDP-style database. Over at Customer Experience Matrix, David Raab was not impressed.

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Salesforce’s MuleSoft Applies Machine Learning to Data Mapping


Customer 360 can also use Saleforce-owned MuleSoft to incorporate data from non-Salesforce sources. MuleSoft today announced its own enhancements, most notably use of machine learning to recommend data mapping and transformations. Other companies do this too – it helps to remove one of the major bottlenecks in the customer data assembly process.

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LiveRamp Lets Partners Integrate AbiliTec Offline Identity Resolution

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Personal identity vendor LiveRamp has added an API to integrate its AbiliTec offline identity resolution platform with external systems. Its press release features quotes from CDPs BlueConic and RedPoint Global as sample users. This highlights an often-misunderstood fact: many CDPs rely on external technology for identity resolution, in part because identity resolution often uses external data with connections not available within a company’s own data.

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