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September 27, 2018

Frenzied Deal Making in B2B Technology Data

ZoomInfo Buys Tech Data Aggregator Datanyze and Mysterious Y Labs


It’s an odd news day, Dear Reader: several sets of related stories but no clear lead. We'll start with news that company and contact data aggregator ZoomInfo has purchased Datanyze, which identifies the technologies that companies use. The day before, ZoomInfo announced purchase of Israel-based Y Labs, a small start-up of indeterminate nature. ZoomInfo itself was purchased by private equity firm Grant Hill Partners for $240 million in 2017.

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HG Data Purchases B2B Deal Tracker Pivotal iQ

HG Data

Same industry: tech data aggregator HG Data has bought Pivotal iQ, which tracks purchasing activity among communications technology vendors. And there’s more: data compiler DiscoverOrg has quadrupled its installed technology data  and email campaign tracker Notablist announced it will expose details about the tech stacks used by email marketers. Wait, we're not done yet.  Demandbase has made its B2B intent data more easily available within Pardot; InsideSales added predictive insights to its base of 200 million global buyer profiles; and Growlabs somehow convinced MarTech Advisor that they've just launched an omnichannel B2B marketing and sales platform including 340 million prospect records although their blog has been reporting product updates for months.

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CDP SessionM Enhances Its Loyalty Features; CDP Manthan Expands Use of AI

Business Wire

What, you don’t care about B2B data? Then here’s some CDP news: CDP and loyalty vendor SessionM has enhanced the loyalty portion of its system with more flexible award structures. Also, retail-oriented CDP Manthan is now using AI to update its customer profiles and individual-level product and offer recommendations.

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