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October 2, 2018

Salesforce Simplifies Data and Event Sharing with AWS

CDP NGDATA Adds Marketer-Friendly Interface


CDP NGDATA announced a new interface for marketing activities including audience definition, journey management, and real-time personalization. The interface is designed to make things easier for non-technical users. It will be released in early 2019.

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Salesforce Simplifies Data and Event Sharing with AWS


Lost in last week’s excitement about Salesforce’s Customer 360 was news of tighter linkage between Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Most interesting from a customer data viewpoint is an ability to privately move data between Salesforce systems and AWS virtual private clouds, skipping the public Internet. Another new option allows events in Salesforce to trigger processes in AWS and vice versa. This offers some intriguing possibilities for persistent data storage that Customer 360 does not.

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InfiniGrow Announces AI-Driven Marketing Planning Platform


Still catching up with last week’s news, InfiniGrow launched an AI-driven marketing planning platform, which creates optional plans across multiple channels. Planning is done at the channel level although the system seems to use individual level in its calculations.

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