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October 5, 2018

Reltio to Support Salesforce, Adobe, Microsoft and SAP Despite Reservations

Reltio to Support Salesforce, Adobe, Microsoft and SAP Despite Reservations


Let’s skip today's product news, which is all pretty minor. Instead, here’s Reltio, a Master Data Management vendor that also qualifies as a CDP, announcing they'll support Salesforce Customer 360 and the Open Data Initiative from Adobe, Microsoft and Salesforce. As if they had a choice. I liked how clear they made their real opinion of those approaches: “Common IDs and tight coupling of apps can solve some immediate problems, but in the long run still create new islands of data that ultimately spell trouble for customer 360 initiatives.”

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Resources Not Features Are Biggest Barrier to Tech Adoption: PubExec Survey


Speaking of honesty, Publishing Executive found that the biggest obstacles to tech adoption are buyers’ time, resources, and budget, not integration or finding systems that fit their needs. That’s a truth not always acknowledged. The survey covered only publishers but other industries are similar. Other interesting data here too.

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Facebook Loses Brand Value While Apple, Google, and Amazon Gain: Interbrand Report


And since no day is complete without a little Facebook bashing, here’s an Interbrand report that Facebook is the only BadTech company to lose brand value since last year: Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft all gained (and rank first to fourth, in that order), while Facebook fell from eighth to ninth and lost six percent of its value. Don’t feel too sad for them: they’re still ahead of McDonalds, Intel and IBM.

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