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October 10, 2018

Adobe Releases Initial Magento Integrations

Adobe Releases Initial Magento Integrations


Who ever thought the words “Adobe” and “fast-moving” would bes used in the same sentence?  Yet just four months after finalizing its acquisition of ecommerce platform Magento, Adobe has released its first integrations with Experience Cloud.  Magento gains cross-touchpoint shopping experiences, AI-powered personalization, and behavior predictions. Magento also announced other enhancements to its core capabilities.

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Sitecore Buys Stylelabs for Advanced Content Management


Digital experience platform Sitecore has purchased Stylelabs, which offers digital asset management, marketing resource management, and product information management capabilities. Sitecore also announced enhancements to its core product, including a Javascript SDK to access its .NET functions, headless content applications, expanded use of AI, and more precise email governance.

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60% of Consumers Think Big Data Will Harm Them: NTT Data Survey

NTT Data

Here’s an excellent NTT Data survey on attitudes towards big data. You won’t be surprised that consumers are skeptical: while 65% of business executives said big data will be used to help consumers, just 40% of consumers agreed. The skepticism is justified: 80% of executives said their company gives strong protection to corporate data but just 42% said consumer data is strongly protected.  Lots more about what’s creepy and how consumers are protecting themselves.

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