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October 11, 2018

Looker Adds Digital Marketing and Web Analytics Applications

Looker Adds Digital Marketing and Web Analytics Applications


Data analysis platform Looker has announced special applications for digital marketing and Web analytics. The applications, now in public beta, provide prebuilt data structures and analytics. Looker combines data from multiple sources and makes it available for analysis and visualization. But it stores the data in a SQL database, making it more limited than most Customer Data Platforms.

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Dynamic Yield Adds Multi-Touch Campaigns

Dynamic Yield

Personalization platform Dynamic Yield has added “multi-touch campaigns”, which deliver different sets of messages to different customers across multiple touchpoints. This allows tests such as consistently offering 10% off to one customer group and free shipping to another. It requires identifying customers across channels during each interaction, which many testing systems can’t do. Dynamic Yield works across Web, email, mobile apps, and advertising.

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Ooh, Shiny! Check Out Genesys' Interactive Customer Experience Survey


Maybe you’re interested in the state of Customer Experience and maybe you aren’t. But check out Genesys’ CX survey if only for its cool interactive graphics. Lots of fun splits by region, industry, business department, and age group. For example: 27% of customer care professionals think bots won’t reduce customer care headcount but 62% of IT professionals think they will. You can probably win a bar bet by knowing which region is most fond of personalization, assuming you hang out in the right bars.

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