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October 16, 2018

Twilio Buys SendGrid for $2 Billion

Cloud Communications Platform Twilio Buys Email Delivery Engine SendGrid for $2 Billion


Cloud communications platform Twilio is buying email API platform SendGrid in a deal valued at approximately $2 billion. The deal adds email to Twilio’s existing ability to let contact center agents and apps communicate with customers by phone, text, chat, and video. SendGrid says it has over 74,000 paying customers.

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Salesforce Purchases Rebel for Interactive Emails


This is slightly stale news but the SendGrid deal reminds us that Salesforce, whose Marketing Cloud is built around what used to be leading email platform ExactTarget, recently purchased interactive email vendor Rebel. Rebel has an API that lets recipients make purchases, submit forms, and do other Web-site-ish things within an email.

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ScentAir Delivers Scent Marketing Management Platform

Business Wire

We’ve been trying to find an Intern for our Department of Irony but no one takes the ad seriously. This means our regular staff had to cover this apparently-real report that ScentAir, which sprays mood-setting aromas around stores, theaters, hotels, and other places, has upped its game by creating a “cloud-based scent marketing management platform.” Sadly, our regular writers aren’t witty enough to say something clever about this.

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