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October 18, 2018

Adobe Strengthens Links Between Creative and Marketing Platforms

Adobe Strengthens Links Between Creative and Marketing Platforms


You often surprise me, Dear Reader, but your interest in yesterday's event technology news was as low as expected.  On the other hand, you love news about big martech vendors. So here are marketing-related announcements from Adobe's MAX conference for creatives. These include integration of content management with marketing workflows an alliance with creative agency WPP to improve content creation processes, including voice interactions, and a collaboration with Accenture for solutions to design AI-driven personalized experiences as scale. Adobe is on a roll, finally converting the potential synergies between its creative and marketing platforms into reality.

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Signal Adds Cross-Channel Identity Resolution to Selligent


You also like news about CDP vendors. Signal isn’t a CDP but it does help CDPs with identity resolution. They’ve just announced a partnership to connect with Selligent, a marketing automation system that sometimes flirts with calling itself a CDP but usually resists the temptation.

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Other Random Stuff: Mintent, AdLingo, inMobi


It’s hard to know what else you’ll like, so I’ll give you some options. Marketing ops: Mintent has bought gShift, which gives marketers a combination of content creation (Mintent) and content performance measurement (gShift). Conversational marketing: AdLingo has launched to provide conversational interfaces inside Web display ads. Customer data: mobile app developer inMobi has bought mobile user data and advertising platform Pinsight from Sprint. Note that I didn’t even bother with privacy.

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