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October 24, 2018

RedPoint Global Adds Improvements Across the Board

RedPoint Global Adds Improvements Across the Board

RedPoint Global

CDP vendor RedPoint Global has launched the next generation of its Customer Engagement Hub. Enhancements cover identity resolution, machine learning, and access to customer profiles by touchpoint systems. Most intriguing from a technical standpoint is the ability to use NoSQL databases including MongoDB and Cosmos as the primary data stores, avoiding SQL entirely if you’re so inclined. And who isn’t?

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People.ai Raises $30 Million Series B for AI-Based CRM Updates


AI-driven customer insight platform People.ai has raised a $30 million Series B funding. People.ai ingests contact data from sales, marketing, and customer services systems, mines it for insights, and sends the results to CRM and other systems. The company says it can automate over 90% of CRM data entry.

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TrustArc Automates Privacy Risk Management


Data privacy management company TrustArc has released an Intelligence Engine that monitors a company’s data flows, identifies high-risk activities, and conducts an automated Data Protection Impact Assessment. Given the volume and complexity of customer data processing, this sort of automation is the pretty much essential for compliance.

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