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October 25, 2018

Apple CEO Calls for GDPR-Style Privacy Laws Worldwide

Apple’s Tim Cook Blasts Data Gathering, Calls for GDPR-Style Privacy Laws

The Hill

Interesting privacy news today, unless you consider that an oxymoron. Biggest event was Apple CEO Tim Cook’s address to European Union privacy regulators, in which he praised GDPR, called for similar legislation in the U.S., and argued that personal information “is being weaponized against us with military efficiency.”

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Google Adds Privacy Controls within Search Interface


On a more practical level, Google gave privacy-minded consumers the ability to view and delete their search activity from within the Google Search home page and to easily access other privacy settings. The new capabilities are available now on Search desktop and mobile Web, will be added to Android and iOS in a few weeks, and will be available in other Google products next year. You must be logged in to access them.

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One-Fifth of Firms Don’t Expect to Comply with GDPR: IAPP Report

International Association of Privacy Professionals

Lest you conclude the good guys have won, we have the 132-page IAPP-EY Annual Privacy Governance Report on what’s actually happening. Which is that 56% of companies still haven’t complied with GDPR and 19% say they don’t expect to, ever. Just 32% consider their privacy program mature and a minuscule 2% have fully automated response to data subject requests – a GDPR right that would quickly overwhelm manual processes if it widely exercised.

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