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October 31, 2018

CDP Zylotech Raises $5.5 Million

CDP Zylotech Raises $5.5 Million


CDP vendor Zylotech announced a $5.5 million funding round. Zylotech adds automated predictive analytics to its core CDP database. This the first publicly-announced funding for Zylotech, which began as a MIT student project in 2013.

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Ipsos Buys Social Monitoring Vendor Synthesio


Meanwhile, market research giant Ipsos announced it’s buying social media intelligence platform Synthesio (not to be confused with B2B data provider Synthio). It’s Ipsos third acquisition this month, including mystery shopping service Market Pulse International and four divisions of GfK Custom Research.

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IoT Expectations Are Falling Rapidly: PsiKick Infographic


IoT’s future is not what it used to be: batteryless sensor maker PsiKick reports that projections for installed IoT devices fell from 1 trillion by 2015 (estimated in 2012) to 50 billion by 2020 (estimated in 2017) to a mere 25 billion by 2025 (estimated in 2018). PsiKick speculates one reason is that changing the batteries on 1 trillion sensors would keep the entire population of Australia constantly busy, which is a benchmark you don’t see very often. Why they assume all IoT devices would be battery powered, I don’t know.

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