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November 1, 2018

CDP Evergage Adds Value-Based Offer Selection

CDP Evergage Adds Algorithm to Pick Highest Value Offer per Customer


CDP and personalization vendor Evergage has expanded its machine learning powers with Contextual Bandit, an algorithm that considers response value as well as probability when picking the best offer for each individual. The company also added a Data Science Workbench that provides a data analysis toolkit and direct access to the detailed data in Evergage’s unified customer profiles.

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Screen6 Launches Server-to-Server ID Synch as Cookies Continue to Vanish


Building unified profiles with a company’s own customer data isn’t easy, but it’s a walk in the park compared with matching identities across advertising channels. And that’s getting harder as cookies become less available. Cross-device identity vendor Screen6 has launched a new server-to-server ID synching solution that builds private matching tables between partners without relying on cookies. This lets it extend to environments like connected TVs and Internet of Things, where cookies were never on the menu.

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Zeotap Releases Telecom-Based Identity Matching

MarTech Advisor

While we’re on the topic, data vendor Zeotap has also announced an identity solution, uncreatively named Connect. They use telecom data to link emails and phone numbers from CRM systems to device IDs and cookies on mobile and desktop devices. It’s a deterministic match, meaning that connections between IDs are provided from external sources, not inferred from device attributes and behaviors.

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