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November 2, 2018

84% of Security Chiefs Say Breaches Are Inevitable

84% of Chief Security Officers Say Cybersecurity Breaches Are Inevitable: Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab

Here’s a disconcerting new trend: IT departments admitting they're doing a poor job. Not what you want to hear from people we rely on. Let start with a survey from anti-virus expert Kaspersky Lab, which found that 84% of North American chief information security officers believe cybersecurity breaches are inevitable. Too many attackers and too little budget, they say. Somehow this doesn’t seem the best way to motivate management to give you more money.

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74% of CIOs Fear IoT Performance Problems Will Reduce Revenue: Dynatrace


Ok, security chiefs are professional worriers. But IT folks are at least supposed to geek out on new tech, right? Then explain why 74% of CIOs told performance monitoring vendor Dynatrace that they expect Internet of Things to cause performance problems that significantly damage revenues. They fear their organizations will roll out complex systems without adequate planning. As if to prove the point, the link to the study didn’t work when first published. Nice touch.

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40% of Companies Don’t Collect Customer Consent: PossibleNOW


If companies can’t run their systems or keep their data safe, getting consent to use customer data almost seems irrelevant. But it’s still noteworthy that 40% of respondents told consent management vendor PossibleNOW they're not collecting consent and another 21% don’t know.  Arguably more disturbing: 42% are making a conscious choice to break consent rules because they think they won’t be fined or are waiting to see how the laws are enforced. One glimmer of hope: 72% of those who do have a consent platform say they're gaining value from it in trust, customer experience, or revenue.

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