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November 6, 2018

Clarifai and RichRelevance Add Visual Inputs to Personalization

Clarifai and RichRelevance Add Visual Inputs to Personalization

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Vendor alliances are rarely worth mentioning but we’ll make an exception for news that visual recognition expert Clarifai is working with personalization vendor RichRelevance to create a suite of visually-based personalization tools. Use of visual inputs in marketing qualifies as an Important Trend.

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Return Path AI Makes Tailored Campaign Improvements

Return Path

Here’s more AI news worth knowing. Email deliverability expert Return Path has launched a tool lets marketers mail their most engaged subscribers early in a campaign, which will yield higher engagement rates that in turn lead to greater acceptance by inbox filters. It can also temporarily suppress mail to fatigued subscribers, lest they get annoyed or unsubscribe entirely.

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WireWheel Raises $10 Million for Automated Privacy Management


Finally, we have a $10 million Series A funding for privacy management platform WireWheel, bringing total funding to $13 million. WireWheel automates privacy challenges including finding personal information in company systems, mapping processes that use that data, and alerting users to questionable events. Other tools provide documentation, frameworks, and collaboration. Given the complexities of privacy management, it’s important to know that companies like WireWheel can help.

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