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November 8, 2018

Oracle Launches 'Pre-Bid by Moat' Ad Safety Solution

Oracle Launches ‘Pre-Bid by Moat’ Ad Safety Solution


Oracle has launched a combined anti-fraud, viewability, brand safety ad solution based on its Dyn (2016), Moat (2017), and Grapeshot (2018) acquisitions. "Pre-Bid by Moat"  is integrated with major DSPs. Ad quality has been a hot topic recently, what with a massive Android app ad fraud uncovered by BuzzFeed and a CHEQ study that found consumers hold brands responsible for inappropriate ad placements.

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ClearStory Data Further Automates Data Blending and Insights

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Ad fraud and ad safety battles are fought by dueling AI systems, leaving humans as bewildered bystanders whose main job is to pay the bills. Data analytics is another field where AI is increasingly replacing human experts, and ClearStory Data has slid further down that slope with its latest release. It can automatically combine new data sets, check new data for relevancy to business questions, and monitor continued relevancy over time. It does let users to review its findings.

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Yellowfin Finds Important Data Changes So You Don’t Have To


Yellowfin is another company that’s replacing helping data analysts. It’s just introduced Yellowfin Signals, which continuously looks for changes in source data.  The company describes this much more eloquently as “continuous time-series detection of trends and anomalies with instant correlations”.  It’s also added Yellowfin Stores, which assembles insights in one place but is oh-so-much-smarter than what you used to call a dashboard.

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