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November 13, 2018

SAP Pays $8 Billion for Qualtrics Experience Survey System

SAP Pays $8 Billion for Qualtrics Experience Survey System


Enterprise software vendor SAP has agreed to purchase experience survey company Qualtrics for $8 billion. SAP sees the deal as accelerating a new “experience management” software category “similar to market-making shifts in personal operating systems, smart devices and social networks.” That’s a lot to expect.

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Marketers Feel Martech Is Too Complicated But Will Buy More Anyway: Acquia Survey


Customer experience is not exactly virgin territory. Digital experience vendor Acquia that found 79% of marketers don’t think they make customers feel like individuals and 65% say much of their technology is too complex to create a good customer experience. Yet 86% plan to spend more on martech in 2019 anyway. U.S. consumers are also conflicted: 79% said they’d be more loyal to a brand that showed it really understood them but 78% said brands shouldn’t be able to use their personal data to market different things to them.

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Consumers Put Practical Value Ahead of Feelings When Rating Customer Service: SurveyMonkey


Lest you conclude that consumers are entirely irrational, SurveyMonkey found they have a remarkably pragmatic view of why they’d lose trust in a company – placing poor product experience (81%) and poor customer service (78%) far ahead of a security breach (49%) or offensive advertising (46%). Similarly, 76% of U.S. consumers rated resolving problems as the most important element of customer service compared with just 37% who listed “feeling the customer service agent cares about you.”

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