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November 20, 2018

InsideSales Launches Email Sales Prospecting Platform

InsideSales Launches Email Sales Prospecting Platform


It’s shaping up as a slow news week, Dear Reader. I’ll do my best. Let’s start with news that sales enablement platform InsideSales has launched “AI-driven email prospecting”. Two features seem to make it special: ability to track multi-recipient opens, forwards, clicks, and attachment downloads and ability to embed videos, product demonstrations, and attachments. It’s not entirely clear how AI plays into this but I guess it’s neat anyway.

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Momentum Worldwide Adds Business Intelligence Platform

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More clearly AI-driven is MomentumBi, which combines structured and unstructured data from Momentum’s own experiential ad programs (sports, music and entertainment sponsorships) with sales, media, and behavioral data from other sources. AI provides predictive analytics, performance monitoring, and ROI measurement.

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Ad Blocking Recovery Vendor Blockthrough Buys Pagefair


Finally, ad blocking recovery vendor Blockthrough has purchased adblocking analytics vendor Pagefair. Blockthrough serves a “safe, light, and un-intrusive ad experience” to adblock users who have opted into “Acceptable Ads”, recovering about 70% of the revenue that would otherwise be lost. This is at least vaguely interesting, right Dear Reader? Hello?

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