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November 26, 2018

Oracle CX Unity Looks Like a Real CDP

Oracle CX Unity Looks Like a Real CDP

Customer Experience Matrix

We rarely write about blog posts but know you’re curious about the CDP-like CX Unity product that Oracle announced last month. So you’ll probably appreciate this Customer Experience Matrix blog post clarifying what it does. Bottom line: it’s closer to the CDP Institute’s CDP definition than it originally seemed.

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Facebook Lets Kenshoo Target Ads Using Third Party Data


The milk of human kindness might contain a drop of sympathy for Facebook, now everyone’s favorite villain. But Facebook continues to earn its bad reputation. The latest news is that, after earning some privacy props last March by blocking use of third party data for ad targeting, they’re allowing Kenshoo to target Facebook ads using such data from Experian.  Presumably other partners will be allowed to do the same. Because, you know, Facebook needs every penny it can get.

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Instagram Removes Fake Likes and Follows


Facebook-owned Instagram did just announce they would remove “inauthentic” likes, follows and comments from accounts that use third party apps to create them.  But those were always in violation of Facebook rules, so this just reminds us that Facebook should have blocked them from the start. If you think no one was harmed, bear in mind that advertisers base spending decisions on those measures.

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