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December 12, 2016

Sprinklr Introduces Audiences, SnapLogic Raises $40 Million, Surveys Show Need for Unified Customer View

Sprinklr Audience Unifies Customer Data and Creates Segments


Sprinklr is a social media management platform, but a year ago it purchased Booshaka, which had technology to connect customer data across multiple sources.  The resulting love child is just-released Sprinklr Audience, which collects data from mobile, social, email, commerce, CRM and Web systems, integrates it, and creates audience segments that can be pushed to social advertising (and presumably other) channels.  It’s as if there’s a little Customer Data Platform inside, crying to get out. 

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SnapLogic Integration Platform Raises Another $40 Million


SnapLogic connects streams of data from one system to another.  It calls itself an integration platform, which is perfectly reasonable.  But it’s important (to us, at least) not to confuse the SnapLogic’s application-to-application connections with the central database constructed and shared by a CDP.  SnapLogic just raised $40 million to expand its business, bring its total funding to $136.3 million. 

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Surveys Find Unified Data Needed For Best Omnichannel Results

CDP Institute Blog

This CDP Institute Blog post looks are four recent surveys related to customer data issues.  All found companies doing omnichannel marketing programs without a unified customer database.  But they also show that a shared, complete customer view is needed for optimal results. 

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