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December 4, 2018

Adobe DMP Adds Identity Resolution from Signal

Adobe DMP Adds Identity Resolution from Signal


Identity resolution vendor Signal has joined the Adobe Exchange Partner Program, adding its 300 million persistent IDs to the Adobe Audience Data Management Platform. This means personal identifiers stored within the DMP can be linked in real time to Signal IDs, which in turn may be connected to other types of data.

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Microsoft and Mastercard to Collaborate on Digital Identities


Some identify management starts with companies trying to figure out who people are. Some starts with people identifying themselves to companies. Mastercard and Microsoft have announced a “strategic collaboration” to help with self-identification. The main idea seems to be building sharable identity credentials into personal devices which are in turn tied to Azure cloud services. In theory, this could reduce the amount of personal information stored elsewhere. Because a tech-savvy company like Microsoft could never get hacked, right?

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Quora Data Breach Hits 100 Million People


Oh wait – what about hacks at tech-savvy Amazon, Facebook, Equifax, and so many more? You can add Quora to the list: “approximately 100 million” Quora users’ data was compromised including name, email address, and public comments, the company said yesterday. They’re “very sorry for any concern or inconvenience this may cause.”

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