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December 5, 2018

CDP Ascent360 Announces $4.1 Million Series A

CDP Ascent360 Announces $4.1 Million Series A


We have actual CDP news today, Dear Reader. First, CDP Ascent360 announced a $4.1 million Series A investment. Ascent360 specializes in small and mid-sized clients and reports that its business doubled in 2018.

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CDP Marketing G2 Purchased by NEWSCYCLE Solutions

Marketing G2

Next: Marketing G2, a CDP for subscription marketers, has been purchased by NEWSCYCLE Solutions, which offers a range of products for the global media industry. Price was not announced.

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Unilever Supports Hygiene Services for the Homeless


Finally – wait, we’re out of CDP news. So let’s finish with news that consumer products giant Unilever is funding free showers and other hygiene services for homeless people across the USA. It’s both on-brand (they make soap) and bold (no brand wants to be preferred by street people everywhere). Good for them for knowing what's important.

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