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December 10, 2018

Aberdeen Acquires Intent Data Collector The Big Willow

Aberdeen Acquires Intent Data Collector The Big Willow


B2B data vendor Aberdeen has acquired intent data collector The Big Willow. Once best known for its survey-driven research reports, used primarily for lead generation, Aberdeen now positions itself as an intent data vendor. The acquisition expands the volume of intent signals that Aberdeen can marry with its contact lists.

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True Influence Launches Improved B2B Prospect List Selection Tool

True Influence

True Influence also provides B2B sales and marketing teams with intent-based prospect lists. They just launched an improved list selection tool called OpportunityBASE. It's great at routing prospects to sales people, with features including multiple reps per account and product line mapping for sales commission reporting.

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60% of B2B Marketers Don’t Trust Their Data: DealSignal Survey

Demand Gen Report

How popular is intent data? Well, 35% of companies use it when measuring audience coverage, according to a survey for B2B data vendor DealSignal by Demand Gen Report. That compares with 87% for contact information, 45% for account characteristics, and 40% for product usage. More worrisome: only 20% use third party data to improve their information even though 60% are less than “mostly confident” that their current data is adequate.

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