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December 11, 2018

Workato Integration Platform Raises $25 Million

Workato Integration Platform Raises $25 Million Series B

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It’s shaping up to be another slow news week, Dear Reader. But before I resort to surveys, here is some investment news that’s still fresh enough to mention. Here’s a $25 million Series B for data integration platform Workato, which automates data flows between business processes. Previous investors included Salesforce, which now owns Workato competitor Mulesoft. Salesforce didn’t participate in the latest round.

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Contentful Receives $33.5 Million Series D for Content Infrastructure


Also on the integration front, Contentful raised a $33.5 million Series D for its API-based approach to content management. Salesforce did participate in this one, if you’re keeping score. Contentful positions itself as a replacement for legacy content management system. If you’re looking for something smart-sounding to say at your holiday party, “content management is the next marketing automation” would do nicely.

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Forge.AI Announces $11 Million Series A to Conquer Unstructured Data

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Finally, we have the headline “Forge.AI Raises $11M to Decode the World's Unstructured Data” which delightfully suggests a tiny investment could achieve a huge task. Forge.AI uses natural language processing to extract structured information fro data such as news reports, social posts, and financial filings. Not exactly a new idea – which makes their claim even more charming.

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