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December 14, 2018

49% of Companies Have a CDP: Salesforce Research

49% of Companies Have a CDP: Salesforce Research


I doubt that 49% of companies have deployed a Customer Data Platform but the headline is too good to pass up. Many answers in this Salesforce Research survey probably came from people who have heard about CDPs but don’t fully understand them. In any event, there's plenty of other interesting data in this 58 page study: just the thing for a cozy holiday weekend.

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Leadspace CDP Integrates Bombora Intent Data


One thing we do know is that CDPs have become more popular among B2B marketers. A big reason is the CDP is an easy place to load third party data that can in turn be fed to marketing automation and CRM systems. CDP Leadspace has just announced a deal with intent data vendor Bombora, conveniently illustrating that very point. Thanks!

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CDP Institute Workshops Set for Brussels, Utrecht, and Munich

CDP Institute

If you want to improve your own CDP knowledge, we humbly recommend one of our half-day workshops. We’ll be running them in Brussels, Utrecht, and Munich in January. See this blog post for details and click here for a fun little video.

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