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December 17, 2018

G2 Crowd Buys Siftery

G2 Crowd Buys Siftery to Help Companies Cut Tech Costs

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We’ll see how this week goes, Dear Reader. If the news is as slow as expected, we might just shut down and give you back a few minutes. In the meantime, we have some items left over from last week. Let’s start with an acquisition: software review site G2 Crowd has purchased Siftery, which examines company Web sites to figure out what technologies they’re using. The idea is for Siftery to help companies manage their technology after HG Data helps them buy it.

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HG Data Makes Audience Segments Available on Facebook, Twitter, Adobe, Salesforce, and Other Ad Platforms


Next up: HG Data, which also tracks technology use, announced an integration with LiveRamp. This will let marketers use HG Data audience segments to target ads on Facebook, Twitter, Adobe Marketing Clouds, Salesforce DMP, and other platforms.

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Hulu Launches Private Ad Marketplace


Streaming video service Hulu doesn’t sell technolographic data although it could probably target ads based on your TV viewing device. They’ve just launched a private ad market place to supplement their public programmatic exchange. Expect more private exchanges (where the buyers and sellers agree in advance to work together) as brands become more careful about where their ads appear.

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