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December 19, 2018

OASIS Develops Customer Data Platform Standard

OASIS Develops Customer Data Platform Standard


Did you know the OASIS standards group is working on a Customer Data Platform standard?  Me neither.  Work began in 2015 under the name Context Server, which became CDP in October 2018. Results are being implemented in the Apache open source Unomi project. See this ApacheCon slide show for an update and visit the OASIS site for more information.

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Microsoft Launches Web Session Replay Product


Speaking of open source, Microsoft has launched a Web analytics product, Clarity, with an open source library for Web page instrumentation. The new product will let site owners replay visitor Web sessions, competing with tools like FullStory and VWO. It’s just starting a beta program.

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Stirista Identifies Anonymous Web Site Visitors

Business Wire

Session replay makes some people worry about privacy, but if you really to raise some hackles, offer to identify otherwise-anonymous Web site visitors. Digital marketing agency Stirista is doing just that, using "IP, cookie, and device information data to de-anonymize website visitors by matching to Stirista’s consumer file” of “over 250 million clean, up-to-date, and triple verified data points”. Like Soylent Green, "data points" is people.  Stirista promises name, email, postal address, and lots of personal details. Making precisely no sense, they say “because this information comes only from previously opted-in data shared by each person, personal privacy is retained.”

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