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December 14, 2016

Neustar Bought for $2.9 Billion, Conversica Raises $34 Million, ownerIQ Takes $6 Million

Information Vendor Neustar Sold to Private Investors at $2.9 Billion Value


Neustar leveraged a business in telephone number management to become a major identity and marketing data provider.  Now the company is being acquired by a private investment group for $33.50 per share in cash, a value of approximately $2.9 billion. Private equity firms have recently been the most active buyers of marketing technology, as public markets reduce their valuations and strategic buyers seem to be satisfied with their current holdings.

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AI-Powered Sales Assistant Conversica Adds $34 Million Funding


Conversica provides artificial-intelligence-powered sales assistants that converse with prospects on routine matters like setting up appointments, so human sales people can do more important things.  They don’t call themselves a chatbot so I guess I shouldn’t either.  The company just raised $34 million, bringing its total funding since 2013 to $56 million.

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ownerIQ Raises $6 Million to Grow Second-Party Data Marketplace

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OwnerIQ helps companies share their own (first party) customer data with each other, thereby creating second party data that can be used to target digital advertising.  The comany just closed $6 million in funding and may take more. 

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