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December 20, 2018

AdTheorent Builds Personalized Ads in Real Time

AdTheorent Builds Personalized Ads in Real Time


It looks like I’ll be publishing all week after all, Dear Reader. There’s just enough legitimate news to make it worthwhile. For example, AdTheorent has a new tool that uses AI to generate the best display ad for each individual, combining creative elements such as product shots, logos, colors, backgrounds, messaging and calls-to-action in real time. AdTheorent was already using predictive analytics to decide which consumers to serve ads and when.

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Dataiku Raises $101 Million for Data Science Platform


And here’s a $101 million Series C funding from data science platform Dataiku, which serves data scientists and business users alike. A lot of what Dataiku does is actually data preparation – making it either CDP client or partial competitor. The round is by far Dataiku’s largest; it had raised just under $46 million previously.

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Marketing Technology Awards Open for Entry


Why not make some news of your own? You could win a Marketing Technology Award at a posh New York City ceremony next March hosted by the ubiquitous Scott Brinker. The project is run by ClickZ and Search Engine Watch. Entry is free – look here for details.

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