December 21, 2018

Facebook Could Face $1 Billion Fine for Data Breaches

Facebook Could Face $1 Billion Fine for Data Breaches


Since this is our last newsletter of the year, let’s lead with what we consider by far the major marketing story of 2018: the shattering of Facebook’s reputation as its true practices and impact became known. CNET published a nice summary of Facebook’s troubles  but that the company could face a billion dollar GDPR fine for data breaches has been less reported – and shows just how much the world has changed.

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Marketing Data Will Be Even More Important in 2019: IBM Watson Report


But lets’ not end on a negative note. This think piece from IBM Watson marketing lists several 2019 marketing trends, including a central role for marketing data. The report is marred by regrettable word mash-ups: you can safely bet that no one will adopt “martecheter” to describe tech-savvy marketers or “consulgences” for consulting-oriented ad agencies.

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Get Ready for Synthetic Authenticity: Fjord Trend Report

Accenture Interactive

For a still broader view, Accenture Interactive’s Fjord innovation consultancy predicts all sorts of reversals as people turn away from digital overload and seek tech-enabled authenticity. Many deep things to ponder as you ring in the New Year. Best wishes from the CDP Institute.

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