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January 7, 2019

Comcast Tests Blockgraph Project to Target TV Ads Using Encrypted Data

Comcast Tests Blockgraph Project to Target TV Ads Using Encrypted Personal Data

Business Wire

The News Gods remain on holiday but there's always blockchain. Comcast plans an early 2019 test with NBC Universal of its Blockgraph project, which lets addressable TV media companies and advertisers use blockchain-secured encrypted data to target ads without sharing personal identifiers. This doesn’t give any more control to consumers but it does limit how widely their information is spread.

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Microsoft Testing System to Let Consumers Control Data Others Have Gathered About Them

ZD Net

On the other hand, Microsoft is testing a project that lets consumers view, control and possibly sell data that others have gathered about them, such as travel history gleaned from wireless highway tolls. It’s called “inverse privacy”. Blockchain isn’t mentioned but surely it’s in there somewhere.

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Marketers’ Spend on Blockchain Is Small But Growing Quickly: HTF Market Report

HTF Market Report

Suspicious that talk about blockchain in marketing is overblown? HTF Market Report estimates the 2017 spend on blockchain in media, advertising and entertainment at a mere $30 million. It does project 82% annual growth, yielding $590 million by 2022. But even that seems low. A look at the report will cost you $2,350.

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