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January 9, 2019

Poor Personalization Is Worse Than No Personalization

Poor Personalization Is Worse Than No Personalization: Yes Marketing Study

Yes Marketing

Back to surveys. At least this one from email company Yes Marketing is interesting. Turns out that irrelevant product recommendations are the second-most-common reason for not opening email (50%), after too many emails (55%). Over-personalization “creeps me out” (12%) outweighs lack of personalization (11%). In other words, consumer demand for personalization is greatly exaggerated – and poor personalization is hurts more than no personalization at all.

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Few Consumers Buy Tech To Get Personalized Ads: Toluna Research

Toluna Group

Meanwhile, survey company Toluna strutted its stuff to reveal that entertainment is the most common reason people buy new technologies (43%), followed by automating tasks (26%), tracking behavior (23%), sharing on social media (18%) and receiving more personalized ads (12%). That anyone would buy tech to get personalized ads seems surprising, but it’s clearly not a priority for most consumers.

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Consumers Want To Save More Money, Do Less Laundry: Whirlpool Survey

Whirlpool Corporation

If you suspected that last item came from Jamie, our faithful Department of the Obvious Intern, you’re right. He’s paired it with a study from appliance maker Whirlpool Corporation that discovered most consumers want to spend less time on cooking and laundry and like to save money. They surveyed 2,000 consumers in four global regions to find this out. Jamie is impressed.

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