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January 15, 2019

AgilOne Extends Machine Learning Features

AgilOne Extends Machine Learning Features


The National Retail Federation’s big annual conference is on, which means we’re seeing baskets of retail-related news. CDP AgilOne has announced a new machine learning framework that simplifies and speeds advanced modeling building. They also have improved reporting for non-technical users and new coupon-creation features.

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Optimove Adds Stream Tests

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CDP Optimove has launched a new feature to compare the long-term performance of different communication streams over time. Each test stream can include messages across in multiple channels. No prize for guessing that the product name is Streams.

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dunnhumby Helps Retailers Sell In-Store Advertising


Also at NRF: retail customer data expert dunnhumby has launched a media business that lets retailers sell advertising on in-store signage, point of sale screens, and similar “owned” channels. It will also manage campaigns in conventional channels. In-store media networks are nothing new but it’s still a good way to leverage dunnhumby’s customer data skills.

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